Artist’s Statement

My work reflects both of my cultural backgrounds: Russia, where I grew up and Scandinavia, where I have been shaped as an artist.

The main material I use for my artistic practice is glass, but depending on the concept I combine and transform it with various materials, such as wax, wood, ceramic tiles, concrete and drawings. Also the alchemic process fascinates me when the material changes from solid to liquid and backwards. I want to keep this vanishing point in my sculptures.

The most recent topic of my artistic research is the crossover between parallel realities, based on site-specific contexts, local history and architecture.
In these contexts I intervene, molding new storylines by working with glass, which involves the human body in a very direct and active way.

Producing glass – objects, which can be looked at or glass objects, which are not visible at first sight and function like intruders in these environments, gives me the possibility to establish a balance on the border between the “reality of the past” and the “present reality”.
Glass as a mirror or a transparent media itself embodies the border between an existing and non – existing structure.

In my glass interventions I establish a concrete but fragile equilibrium between the real object and the abstract object, which is defined only by its own form.
I am interested to reach the point where the ready made objects I use as a model – whether they are wooden planks from a wall of a destroyed house or freshly bought pig hearts from a market – are transformed by my physical artistic act of re-sculpting them into unfamiliar structures which show both parallel realities I deal with: the lost past and the real – present context of the now.