Maria Koshenkova | Installations

2017 Spontaneouse Stuff


PROSCIUTTO. Un-planned Perfomance-Life Sculpture during 57th Venice Bienalle .2017.

2017 Aasiaat Museum. Greenland.


Aasiaat Museum Installation 2017

2016-2017 Tie-Up


Tie Up Exposition Inner View Gallery. St.Petersburg.Russia



BODILY SKILLS  Gartenversion

2015-2017 Black Stuff

Black Stuff-hempel2016-s

Black Stuff

2015-2016 Norwegian Wood

Disecting Annaberg-full2

“Dissecting Anneberg” An installation at Hempel Glasmuseum

Noregian Wood BRAFA.Maria Koshenkova. 2016

Norwegian Wood Suspended 2

“Norwegian Wood ” Suspended room Installation Bergen S12 Studio Norway

2015 New Swarovski


2015 BELVEDERE OF ZVIZZHI for Land Art Festival Archstoyanie. Russia

BELVEDERE OF ZVIZZHI for Land Art Festival Archstoyanie. Russia

2014 . Wax Light Boxes, Karsnodar. Rissia

Maria Koshenkova. Wax Surfaces 2

Extended Jungle, Wall piece for exhibition in Dome of Vision , Copenhagen

Maria Koshenkova. Wax Surface-2-detail

Wax Surface. Different types of bee wax mixed with dead bees and pured on sheets of plastic as abstract shapes. Hammerd on the wall


Maria Koshenkova Black Ice 2013-detail01

“Black Ice “

Maria Koshenkova Black Ice 5.2013

Black Ice

2013-20... UNDER THE ASPHALT.....

Under the Asphalt-site specific .Almaty. Maria Koshenkova. 2013

Under the Asphalt

2012-2013, Resonant Chaos. Part of the exhibition "Resonant matters" in Ludvig Museum.Russia

Maria Koshenkova. Resonant Chaos, sound-glass installation, Russian Museum

Resonant Chaos. Interractive Glass-Sound Installation in Ludvig Museum.Saint-Petersburg. Russia

Koshenkova Maria. Resonant Chaos. Detail

wall-sound light and glass installation

2012 Accident Connections

Maria Koshenkova. Accident Connections 1

Accident Connections

2011-2016 Hearts White & Black. Maria Koshenova

Maria Koshenkova White Hearts 2012 Substance

White Hearts. Dining 2

Maria Koshenkova. Accident Connections 1

Accident Connections

Maria Koshenkova. Hearts B&W.Dining

Heart B & W. Dining

2011 Reflection of Choice


Reflection of Choice-bended mirror. Installation in Ludvig Museum. Saint-Petersburg. Russia


Reflection of Choice 1

2010-2013 Global Freezing

Global Freezing, Ice Age, Maria Koshenkova

Global Freezing, Ice Age interior

2010 Circulation System

Maria Koshenkova. Circulation Sustem 1

Circulation system

2008 Russian Roulette

Maria Koshenkova. Russian Rulette 3

Russian Roulette

2008 Montage/ Demontage

Maria Koshenkova.Montage/Demontage

Montage/Demontage chocolate factory Red October. Moscow