Maria Koshenkova. Accident Connections 1

Accident Connections

I worked on several different art works in a space of my art studio at the same time. In the space of the studio, where they often have to rearrange things, individual pieces come close to each other to my surprise create a new combination a new meaning. Each element in its own way represents our natural desire to achieve mutual connection, the desire to find wholeness, being a part of something bigger. Random vital communications are stronger than our plans and personal ambitions. Internet cable, complex red wine and bloody color. Bread cutting board, burned in a middle-Miraculously surviving after the summer traveling. Huge white swan wings, found on the freeway and performing the double impression already - something "super cool", and something very banal and trite. My two "injured" glass heart intended for exhibitions of contemporary Danish glass. At one point, all these things have developed in the composition, the design of which could only come to me spontaneously. The only thing that I added immediately after the current work its movement and life as an open source of energy, kinetic and electrical power. It should be a source of light or intermittent, like a recurring short circuit, heart rate, or fan, which allows you to see the thrill of feathers on the wings are no longer white. Switch on the wire will my work be included in both. I want to let the viewer decides what effect choose which metaphor preferred. Possibility to change the situation from the "romantic" (wind / light breath ...) to "Dramatic" (sick sharp pulsed light).

Photo Credits: Patricia Ozcki, Maria Koshenkova