Bodilyskills.Maria Koshenkova.2016. Concrete Angel 1. Concrete.Silver. Site Specific Art Installation

BODILY SKILLS  Gartenversion

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2016 BODILY SKILLS   Artists: Claudia Scarsella, Maria Koshenkova & Uli Aigner Curated by: Pauline Doutreluingne Photo © 2016 Michal Kosakowski   Location: Secret Garden at Bergstrasse 26, Berlin Mitte  Duration: 1st of June till August 31st 2016 Visit by appointment; contact mail@uliaigner Special events will be announced A secret wild garden An exchange with growing entities of various living matter An intercourse between earthwork and lost memories shadows Loops of greens and weeds amorphous bodies excavated hands and heads imagine narrations on bodily skills The invited artists Claudia Scarsella (Milan), Maria Koshenkova (Copenhagen) and Uli Aigner (Berlin) react to patterns in a non-defined space; a natural space that exists without an outlined discourse. The artists create new in situ works inspired by the open space, interactions between each other and the longing to collaborate without confinement. How does one question and build further on a tradition of craftsmanship? How can the process be captured in time? The garden as a space functions between public and private: privately owned and this time publicly used, it opens up as a meeting place for people from all sort of backgrounds and in such, it symbolizes an open system with form. The form emerges as the work progresses. Looking at craftsmanship in an open system with form brings up the general question of technique—the technique of how to conduct life with skill. Richard Sennett comes to mind and demonstrated in his writing the unity of head and hand, thinking and doing, reflection and action, culture and nature. In his analysis of contemporary society, he perceives such strict divisions as a source of social problems. "When the head and the hand are separate, it is the head that suffers". text: Pauline Doutreluingne