Reflection of Choice Detail. 2011. Russian Museum. Sankt-Petersburg

Reflection of Choice-bended mirror. Installation in Ludvig Museum. Saint-Petersburg. Russia

“ Reflection of Choice” installation made for exhibition in Ludwig Museum in St.Petersburg “Gates and Doors “ 28 April - 20 June 2011 When the surface of the mirror is no longer flat, it also losses the ability to give a direct representation of reality. It transforms the picture of our surrounding and suggest us multiple interpretation and new choices. Mirror represents doors-possibilities which we have to open during our life.but to choose to open one door at the same time you shoos to leave the other doors closed, I tried to express feeling of necessity to make constant choice and multiple realities we have to deal with. This why I included different keys form unknown doors gathered by me wile i was traveling, captured in a glass bobbles- small invisible prison.Keys are present but unreachable, like all the possibilities we in theory have . photo credit Alexandr Lavrentyev