Beeswax Dwellings.Floor Plan.Detail.Maria Koshenkova. Contemporary Art Installation

Wall piece for exhibition” Extended Jungle” in Dome of Vision , Copenhagen

"Beeswax Dwellings" is a sculptural construction made of old bee haves, pure bee wax and dead bees. wood. mirror. I created this work in July 2014 in Krasnodar- main agricultural aria in Russia. For this work I focused specific local materials( beeswax, wood) I wanted to use natural and very local material to connect my work to the place i produce it. This why i choose the bee wax. I wanted to make object which will bear the feeling of looking into old and dusty window of abandon Russian house full of personal stuff which no one need any more. Works were made for exhibition "4eyes" In cooperation with Ekaterina Sisfontes as Artist-in-residency program Gallery Typography Krasnodar Institute of Contemporary Art, Krasnodar, Russia, 2014

Extended jungle is multidisciplinary and collaborative project that develops new forms of events, combining exhibitions, workshops, concerts, construction of space into one integrated platform.

The unique building of the Dome of Visions in Copenhagen was transformed into an editorial space featuring talks, live performances, workshops and bar.

Curated by JAC studios, Johan Carlsson and Georg Jagunov