Montage/Demontage.2. Koshenkova. Art Installation.2008

Montage/Demontage chocolate factory Red October. Moscow

This piece I used about 1000 IKEA vine glasses ( the same which was used to actually serve the drinks for visitors ), and many ladders( used for mounting the exposition.) I tried to investigate value of art openings ,why most of the people come and how much impact it makes. It was fun to watch for me the reaction ! To question the actual interest in exhibited objects of people who came to this fancy opening in Moscow. How do viewer treat the art piece when it is not clear if it is a sculpture or left over from opening party. Many visitors was placing they own empty vine glasses on my installation...))) Was that the pice i made not good or people did not bother to think want they actually see...? (also ,I did not forget to get drunk my self) placeI: Baibakov Art Projects, Chocolate factory Krasnyy Oktyabr. 2008.

Photo@ Maria Koshenkova. 2008