New Swarovski.2016.Maria Koshenkova.Contemporary Glass Art Installtion


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Installation made during GLASS LAB SESSION 2015 in Glass Art Centre, Glassworks František in Sázava . Czech Republic. I used ready made Bohemian Crystal and Pork legs and ears. All forund on the place.

This work is made in Czech republic, Using mass produced damaged objects from on of the one of the best crystal glass factory in Czech-which was producing Swarovski Crystals before.

I was thinking of how rapidly the unique European production of luxury objects as glass for example move to china at the same time dying in Europe, and how will it influence quality value and status of elaborated craftsmanship which influence naturally the situation and development of fine art .

During the 20th century design craft and fine art was separated. but this definitions are becoming vague. I use glass objects as a perfect media to show this changing , almost non-existing fragile border.