Maria Koshenkova | Sculptures

2018 WOOD Monumental

Maria Koshenkova-Wood Monumental 2

WOOD Monumental

2018 The Pink Rope Serie. Mindcraft18

Pink Rope. Twisted One . Mindcraft18. Maria Koshenkova. Contemporary Glass Sculpture.

Pink Rope. Twisted One

S Shaped Pink Rope-detail. Mindcraft18. Maria Koshenkova. Contemporary Glass Sculpture

S Shaped Pink Rope. Follow Me

Long Suspended Rope. Mindcraft18. Milan. Maria Koshenkova

Follow Me.

Maria Koshenkova-Pink Rope 2-Contemporary Glass Sculpture

Pink Rope

2018 Restrain&Release Japan

BondageSculpture3. Maria Koshenkova. Restrain & Release. Japan2018

Restrain&Release. Bondage 3

SpaceBoy 1. Restrain&Release. Maria Koshenkova

SpaceBoy. Restrain & Release. Japan

Restrain&Reliease. Maria Koshenkova. 2018

Restrain&Reliase. Room View. Nagoya Art&Mind Center

Suspended Folded Gery Shape. Maria Koshenkova. Restrain&Release

Suspended Folded Grey Shape

Folded White Shape. Restrain&Release. Maria Koshenoova

Folded White Shape

Restrain&Release Photography

2017-2015 Norwegian Wood

Maria Koshenkova-Wood Monumental 2

WOOD Monumental

Liquid Wood

Simple Clear Board. Suspended Wood

Brocken Dark Grey Board. Suspended Wood

Double Board. Norwegian Wood

Suspended Wood Curved Silver

The Other Half

Amber Hanging Wood.

Bohemian Crystal Wood

Suspended Boards. Norwegian Wood

Single Wood leaning To The Wall

Strange A wood. Norwegian Wood . Maria Koshenkova

Norwegian Wood. Strange A shape Wood

Norwegian Wood triple Borads

Norwegian Wood Half circle sculpture

Single Wood 2

2017-2015 Black Stuff


Janus Black Mirror


Black Stuff 5


Black Stuff 6


Shiny Stuff Oval

Black Stuff3-oval. Koshenkova Maria

Black Stuff. Medium Oval Frame

Black Stuff2-large oval. Koshenkova Maria

Black Stuff. Large Oval Frame

Black Stuff3-oval. Koshenkova Maria

Black Stuff. Medium Square Frame

Black Stuff1-small oval. Koshenkova Maria

Black Stuff .Small Oval Frame

2017 SONEVA Recycle glass studio residency . Maldives


Violently Connected Objects 5


Violently Connected Objects 4


Violently Connected Objects 3


Violently Connected Objects 2


Violently Connected Objects 1

2017 Aasiaat Museum. Greenland.




5 Stones


Stone 3


Stone 2


Stone 1

2016 Tie-Up

RopeSpiral-medium-Maria Koshenkova

Spiral Loop.


Band 1


Falic Node 2

Maria Koshenkova-Tie-Up. Fallic Node Shadow. Contemporary Glass Sculpture

FalicNode 1


Loong Looooong Rope, Tie-Up serie


Oval Loop , Tie-Up serie

loop3-shadow.Maria Koshenkova

Loop, Tie-Up Serie

Handcuffs 4 .MariaKoshenko

Handcuffs, Tie-Up serie

Bondage 1, Maria Koshenkova

Bondage 1, Tie-Up serie

2014-2015 Liberty Variations


Liberty Variations Chocolate

Thin Blue Liberty 2. Maria Koshenkova

Very Thin in a middle blue Liberty

ear Liberty 1. Maria Koshenkova

Clear Liberty

Black Liberty 4-front. Maria Koshenkova

Black Liberty

Liberty Blue 1.Maria Koshenkova

Blue Liberty

Liberty variations-process

2014 . Wax Light Boxes, Karsnodar. Rissia

Maria Koshenkova. Wax Light Box 1

Wax Light Boxes. Sculptural objects made of local material Bee Wax and Wood in south of Russia.

Maria Koshenkova, Wax object 1

Sculpted and mixed with dead bees Wax Surface.


Maria Koshenkova Black Ice 5.2013


2013 Hearts White & Black. Maria Koshenova


White Heart Round


Black Heart 2016

Maria Koshenkova-WhiteHeart VesselLike-Contemporary Glass Sculpture

White Heart Vessel like

White Heart Open.Maria Koshenkova

White Heart Open

Maria Koshenkova. Black heart 5

Black Heart 5

Maria Koshenkova.Black Heart 2- Silver

Black Heart 2- Silver

Maria Koshenkova. White Heart 8

White Heart 8- Small but Sensetive

Maria Koshenkova. White Heart 7-demaged

White Heart 7- Soft

Maria Koshenkova. White Heart 4

White Heart 4- Brain looking Heart

Maria Koshenkova. White Heart 3-2

White Heart 3- Meaty

Maria Koshenkova. White Heart 2

White Heart 2

Maria Koshenkova.ConfusedBigWhite Heart

White Heart 1 – Big and Confused

Maria Koshenkova. heart black and white 3

Black Heart 4- Black&White

Maria Koshenkova. black Heart 8

Black Heart 8

maria Koshenkova. White heart 6-3

White heart 6

Black Heart 2013. Maria Koshenkova

Black Heart 3

Maria Koshenkova. Black Heart 9

Black Heart 9

Maria Koshenkova. Black heart 6

Black Heart 6

Maria Koshenkova, White heart 5-twisted2

White Heart 5- Twisted

Maria Koshenkova. Black heart1-Nike 2

Black Heart1- Nike

Maria Koshenkova. Black heart 8

Black Heart 8


White Heart 10

Maria Koshenkova White Hearts 2012 Substance

White Hearts-Substance 2012

Maria Koshenkova. Black Heart 7-3

Black Heart 7

White Heart, Crimson - Maria Koshenkova

White Heart Crimson

Maria Koshenkova.White Heart Rust 2

White Heart Rust

Maria Koshenkova.Pair of Hearts 2

Pair Of Hearts

Maria Koshenkova. White hearts line

Line of White and Black Heart

White Heart, IronRed - Maria Koshenkova

White Heart Iron Red

White Heart, Maroon , Maria Koshenkova

White Heart Maroon

Black Heart, Iron Red, Maria Koshenkova

Black Heart, Iron Red


Black Heart with a hole

White Heart, Ireon Red 2 - Maria Koshenkova

White Heart, Gray


White Heart, Flamingo

Maria Koshenkova. White Hearts, Diagonal .

White Hearts, Diagonal


Black Heart, Rasberry

Black Heart, crimson


White Heart Candy Red

Maria Koshenkova. White hearts line

White and Black Hearts, Line


Black Heart First PigPink


Black Heart, Ochra

2013 Frozen Leaders

Maria Koshenkova. Frozen Leader4-detail

Frozen Leader 4

Contemporary glass Sculpture frozen leader, Maria Koshenkova

Frosen Leder 3

Fozen Leader 2

Koshenkova Maria. Frozen Leader 2-front

Frozen Leader 2

2012-2013, Resonant Chaos. Part of the exhibition "Resonant matters" in Ludvig Museum.Russia


2012 Resonant Matter-Wall

2011, Meat Landscapes

butcher-dreams-landscape7,maria kosehnkova

Butcher Dreams, landscape 7

butcher-dreams-landscape 6, maria koshenkova

Butcher Dreams, landscape 6

butcher-dreams-landscape 5, Maria Koshenkova

Butcher Dreams, Landscape 5

butcher-dreams-landscape 4, Maria Koshenkova

Butcher dreams, landscape 4

butcher-dreams-meat landscape 3,Maria Koshenkova

Butcher Dreams, landscape 3

butcher dreams, meat landscape 2,maria kosehnkova

Butchers Dream, landscape 2

Butcher Dreams ,Meat landscape1, Maria Koshenkova

Butcher dreams, landscape 1

Butcher Dreams ,Maria Koshenkova

Butchers Dream ( meat landscapes) Maria Koshenkova

2011 Reflection of Choice

Reflection of Choice, State Russian Museum by Maria Koshenkova

Reflection of Choice-bended mirrored glass sheet

2010 Frozen Cacti


Frozen cacti details


Frozen Cacti group

2009 Cubes, Black & White

Black Cube, Maria Koshenkova

Black Cube

White Cube, Maria Koshenkova

White Cube

2008-2009 Bio Cables

Fossilize-me2, maria koshenkova

Fossilize me


Cable Plant 04


BioCables.Exposition in Museum of Precambrian Geology and Archeology in Petrozavodsk

fossilize me 1,maria koshenkova

Fossilize me 1


Cable Plant 01



Maria Koshenkova. Biocable03


Biocable4-top, maria koshenkova

biocable 4



2008 Candy on a Barbed Wire


2008 Candy on Barbed Wire

2007-2009 Transformation of Black

Transformation of Black 10.Maria Koshenkova

Transfrmations of black 10

Babbling 3


Babbling 2


My Black Baby

Babbling 1

2005-2006 Memory Loss

Memory Loss - Maria Koshenkova

Memory Loss, Couple

Memory Loss, Fossil - Maria Koshenova

Memory Loss, Fossil

Memory Loss, Preistoric Love - Maria Koshenova

Memory Loss, Preistoric Love

Memory Loss - Maria Koshenkova

Memory Loss, Complex

Memory Loss, Welcome - Maria Koshenova

Memory Loss, Welcome