Wax Light Boxes. Sculptural objects made of local material Bee Wax and Wood in south of Russia.

Wax Light Boxes-Several art objects made of old bee haves, pure bee wax and dead bees. I created this work in July 2014 in Karsnodar where most of the production of russian honey and vegetables are. I was visiting my friends great artist and great guys The art group ZIP http://artgroupzip.blogspot.dk/

I wanted to use natural and very local material to connect my work to the place i produce it. This why i choose the bee wax. I wanted to make object which will bear the feeling of looking into old and dusty window of abandon Russian house full of personal stuff which no one need any more.

In addition to this wall objects I just let my self play with wax and created abstract surfaces of deferent wax types mixed with dead bees ( and other stuff) which i afterwards exhibitied in Copenhagen. ( see expo in Dome of Vision)