BioCables.Exposition in Museum of Precambrian Geology and Archeology in Petrozavodsk

I was focusing on tensions between anatomic and computer esthetic. Close relationships between men made technical constructive beauty and bio-animalistic structures. Electric cables mutate into tree branches and roots or petrified veins and arteries. Foto credit: Lars Kaae

Here I included “BioCables ” in the exposition of  Museum of Precambrian geology and Archeology in Petrozavodsk(North Russia)


I wanted to place sculptures gently almost invisible…so it would not be obviourse that the pieces are not belonging to Precambrian


On this location I could see that my idea about fossilized glass structures -works!.

Pieces very naturally take a place in the exposition row of 100000 year old minerals and geological maps.

Photo: Inna Kazakova