Black Stuff3-oval. Koshenkova Maria

Black Stuff. Medium Square Frame

These works consist of antique frames and black glass. The glass that has replaced the original transparent glass has been partly silvered which gives it a mirror effect. In this body of works there are two types of mirrors: Shiny flat black glass and 3D black glass covered with a silver mirror substance. Both types of mirrors are supposed to reflect their real surroundings but do it in very different ways: They "create" images rather than reflect them. I was inspired by "Claude glass" or black mirror – "a small mirror, slightly convex in shape, with a dark colour surface. Claude glass has the effect of abstracting the subject reflected in it from its surroundings, reducing and simplifying the colour and tonal range. it was used by painters in the 18th century – a kind of oldfashion Instagram application which people use on their smartphones nowdays. My black mirrors pose the question "what are you?" instead of suggesting a "true" image of yourself. Their oval shapes stills retain a mirror's reference to the human face. The square ones are related to different electronic devices we are surrounded by and depend on today, like smartphones, tablets, notebooks etc. that can also be used as mirrors when they are turned off. The abstract form of the glass has a resemblance to the shapes of animal trophy heads, or strange Giger-esque lifeforms growing out of the frame. The reflection seems to come to life and try to escape the confines of the frame. The glass itself becomes the main character instead of being an invisible protection for a painting, drawing, or photo. An "image" out of these frames can only come to life in the viewer's imagination.

Photo Credit : Kurt Rodahl Hoppe. Copenhagen