Bodegone V. Maria Koshenkova. Sculpture.Glass.Porcelain. 2020

Bodegone V

The aim of these pieces is to create the sensation of taste, smell and feel of real edible objects, bringing together the surreal and realistic. Glass is this fragile matter, that we were all taught to be carefull around and not touch. It represents – in other words - the exact opposite of what it depicts in this series. Namely motives that appeal to the most basic instincts of eating, drinking, smelling, touching. I want to evoke this paradox of pure materialism and pure instinct. To do a study the clash between emotions and material - and our eternal struggle as humans to repress our immediate needs, in order to appear civilized and to function in a material world. In some works of this series I try to bring Porcelain and Glass together. A combination of dead, sterile porcelain and lifelike emotional glass

Installation of several glass objects. Size and Composition can be varied depend on my state of mind…)
Photo: Kurt Rodahl Hoppe 2020