Butcher Dreams. Table Setting. Maria Koshenkova.2011. Blown and Sculpted Glass. Contemporary Glass Sculpture

Butcher Dreams. Table Setting.

Sculpture “Meat Landscapes”-consist of dining table and several glass objects presented on porcelain handcrafted plates. I took the meat plastic and structure and recreate them in a new material - glass. By giving the anatomic shapes transparent form, my aim is to introduce aesthetic engineering and similarity with landscapes or architectural models of a meat, which is often ignored or not appreciated . Photo: Lars Kaae Flash gives most people negative associations to a larger or lesser degree. Mortality, industrial killing, guilt, smell and rot will be natural emotional responses when looking at a piece of meat or an organ. To use glass for me is a way to clean the images I work with from previous function and qualities. Glass gives visibility to the invisible part. Not only in literally “physical” meaning of this word but on deeper associative level (revealing some hidden processes) I see a similar process in my turning live models of meat pieces and organs into glass objects as that of a cook turning the same objects into meals – Transformed and now with the viewer able to appreciate the aesthetics without guilt and negative emotional connotations. I also meant awake the thought about why people buy art, what is the actual difference between buying luxurious meal or piece of art ( price is often equal) especially in Denmark where people is very much into food and meat for instance. The way i serve the piece on the plate is also my way of reflecting this question.

Photo@ Lars Kaae. Copenhagen