Liberty Variation V Grey. 2014

Liberty Variations VI Silver Grey

Sculptural serie developed during my fellowship in USA at Wheaton Arts I want to express - through a sculptural language – that the idea of Liberty/freedom is a very personal thing. What makes one person free could make another feel locked up and depressed. I really started to contemplate about this when I was working in the studio listening to a BBC coverage of the crisis in Ukraine. I have a foot in each camp so to speak. I am living in the west by choice. But my Russian background also gives me a deep rooted grasp of a phenomenon that for many westerners seem absurd – Namely that liberal democracy for some is perceived as anything but a symbol of freedom. As the works were concived and produced during my art residency in USA -I decided to use the most recognizable American symbol – The Statue of Liberty. In the process I sculpted a copy of the face of the statue, made a flexible silicone mold of it and used it to make multiple positives and negatives which are deformed in different ways. The free deformation which I can influence but can not totally predict is an important theme for me as well as using both parts of the mold making is (positives and negatives). I wanted to keep all the disadvantages and natural movements of the wax material I used for making the molds and preserve them in the glass. I also wanted to keep the natural ability of the glass to run out of the mold to show the contrast between this and more controlled glass shapes. I explore my own freedom in this. I can twist the mold any way I want and then let the glass fill it the way the glass wants itself. So this work is essentially about freedom - exploring my own freedom to sculpt anything I feel like and combine this with the freedom of the material i use-glass. To combine chance and my own free will and try to express the idea of that freedom/liberty can be many things and to embrace the varieties of it. these sculptures were part of the Exhibition in Ebeltoft Glass Museum. “DG15 “- 40 years of Contemporary Glass in Denmark.

Photo@ Rune von Buschmann. 2018