Pink Rope "Hooked" Detail 2019

Red Rope ” Hooked”

Most of the works of this serie are part of the installation I created for Mindcraft18 -Danish exhibition during Milano Design Week. Work was shown in South Korea "Crafted Matter "at Cheongju Craft Biennale and Kunsthal Charlottenborg "The Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition 2020" I made the ropes out of glass, which is a kind of a material impossibility. Ropes for me bear multiple and in some ways opposite meanings such as: death and rescue, sexual tension, aggression, violence, safety and surviving. I want to investigate the concept of freedom and to examine the conflict between the extreme materialism and fragility which glass represents . These sculptures relate to the Japanese bondage technique – Shibari - a practice that amalgamates control and submission in one action. When are you in control and when do you have to go with the flow? Are you ever really free? Where is the boundary between power and submission? Technically I used the real rope as a model and needed to burn it out first in order to fill the mold with glass. (to destroy in order to create.) Pink In in Europ- pink is a color of feminity and pop culture. In Japan - symbol for the death of the samurai, who falls in the bloom of youth. Photo Credit: Kurt Rodahl Hoppe created at VAK. Denmark

Photo@ Kurt Rodahl Hoppe. 2019