I want to examine the conflict between the extreme materialism and fragility which glass represents on one side and the non materialistic and transparent on the other. The ropes out of glass IS a material impossibility. I turned something ­ which normally has the qualities of binding together and flexibility ­ into a very sensitive, breakable almost non existing shape filled with sexual tension and physical and mental paradox. Pink as a color also trigger contradictory associations and emotions, Reactions to pink are determined by one’s cultural background.  In in European civilisation -pink is a “girls color “- color of feminity and kitch, and “ bed taste “. in Japan - every year people contemplate the pink blossoms of the cherry trees and the leaves which, after just a few days, drift like snow to the ground—symbolic for the death of the samurai, who falls in the bloom of youth. some works of this seria are part of the installation i made for Mindcraft18 i-Danish exhibition during Milano Design Week Photo Credit: Kurt Rodahl Hoppe created at VAK. Denmark


34cm X 40cm X 30 cm

Photo@ Kurt Rodahl Hoppe