Bondage 1, Maria Koshenkova

Bondage 1, Tie-Up serie

"TIE UP " first sculptures with the Glass Rope I made for the exhibition in Saint Petersburg. Russia. for the solo exhibition in the gallery" Inner Voice" with the support of Maria Simkina. 2016 I made the ropes out of glass, which is kind of a material impossibility. I want to create the sensation of a frozen moment and deconstruct visible object. I turned something - which normally has the qualities of binding together and flexibility - into a very sensitive breakable almost not existing shape...filled with sexual tension ....filled with physical and mental paradox. Ropes for me bear multiple and in some ways opposite meanings such as: death and rescue, sex, violence and safety and surviving. After The exhibition big part of the works were shown and sold in BRAFA art Fair, by Clara Scremini Gallery Photo by Alexander Lavrentyev. Russia