Maria Koshenkova – Contemporary Glass Sculptures & Installations | Sketches

2016 Tie-Up


Tie Up Serie Russia Production Process

Tie Up Process

2014-2015 Liberty Variations

Liberty Variations. Green.Send Casting. Maria Koshenkova. 2014. Contemporary Glass Sculpture

Variations of Liberty. Additional Sculptures.


Black Ice. Labarotory Art & Science. Moscow. Sketches

2013 Frozen Leaders

Frozen Leaders

2012-2014 Mixed drawing - portrets exiersises

Drawing- every day exersises

2012-2014 .Study of hearts, through drawings

Maria Koshenkova Hearts Ink Painting 9

Large Brown Chinese water color and Black Ink and Paintings on thin Rice paper.

Early Study of animal Hearts . A4-A2 format. Permanet marker

Maria Koshenkova Hearts Ink Painting2

Large Black Ink Paintings on Shuen -Rice paper.

Giant Black Bull heart-drawings, Maria Koshenkova

2012-2013, Resonant Chaos. Part of the exhibition "Resonant matters" in Ludvig Museum.Russia

Resonant Chaos-Sketches

2011, Meat Landscapes

Butcher Dreams-meat landscaps

butcher-derams-sketch, maria kosehnkova

Butcher dreams,meat landskapes

2011-2012. Early naturalistic studies of animal hears.

Early Study of animal Hearts . A4-A2 format. Permanet marker

2011 Global Freezing

Cardiogram of Winter, sketches for “ice-project” in “Kødbyen”-meat district of Copenhagen

Maria Koshenkova.Global Freezing installation, Another Ice Age. Sketch- chair.

Global Freezing installation, Another Ice Age, sketches

2009-2012 Sculptural Jewellery

Sculptural Jewellery 2 -glass+silver

Sculptural Jewellery – Recycle Plastic

2009 Cubes, Black & White

Maria Koshenkova,White Cube- sketch 2

White & Black Cubes ,sketches , process