Cardiogram of Winter, sketches for “ice-project” in “Kødbyen”-meat district of Copenhagen

I tried “freezing” traces of my own experience as well as objects of my personal surroundings - to create an opportunity of wondering and feeling both uncertainty and fragility of existence itself. All the objects of this somewhat absurd interior are related functionally, though consciously separated geographically, aesthetically or by periods of time. Controversial supposition of “Danish” and” Russian” in my particular case. An iconic lamp by Poul Henningsen in contrast to an oil lantern from 19th century Sweden. A Soviet kitchen table from the 80's, etc. It has nothing to do with some strive to stylize Soviet households. On the contrary, I tried to re-create interiors of my life by knitting different things into a view of a search of the whole of my “lifescape”. The result is a walk on the edge between personal experience and historical generalization. The Installation consists of hand made glass icing and various objects I have found. Assembled with UV glue and silicone.

This are sketches for site specific installation where i planed to use actual ice, in butcher shop in “Kødbyen “ Copenhagen. Project have not been realized jet.

I planed to use iron wire and cables, covered with handcrafted ice structures and install it in natural interior of the danish  meat industry.