Sculptural Jewellery 2 -glass+silver

Paralleled with may art works i am producing jewellery . I started just to make it for my self as i wanted to wear unique pieces no body have but some people wanted to buy them ) so i created a company "KOSHMAR" and produesd juwellery for fashion shows an as unique single pieces which i shown i galleries specified on contemporary jewellery. ( V&V Wienna , Goldfingers Copenhagen,MAK - Museum of Applied Arts, Vienna design shop. It is fun for me because I see jewellery as small scale sculpture. I created 2 different collections of jewelry “voltage” Both projects change the perception of the basic materials into jewelry – objects by wearing them. 1 : sculptural pieces made of silver and glass .I am aware of people afraid of glass and especially in attachment to they own body. I am wearing my own jewellery for many years and never have been harmed by this . So what matters to me is: to share my passion for glass with others and to prove people that they can safely and with pleasure wear glass ( just as i do! ))) because it is SO beautiful and SO unique )! 2: jewelry made of recycled cable and other mixed media."VOLTAGE" I start with all kinds of used cables or thrown away electric devices. I use this “worthless forms” and turn them over into something precious by making them able to be worn. “voltage” collection-I use all possible kinds of used cables from thrown out electronic devises combining them with silver textile and blown glass. Mostly it is neck chains and earrings. All hand made by me, single and colorful. Each piece of this collection unique and made of recycle materials

Photo Credit: Lars Kaae