TieUp.Process.MariaKoshenkova.2016 Selfmade kiln

Tie Up Process Self Made Glass Kiln

I made the ropes out of glass, which is kind of a material impossibility. I want to create the sensation of a frozen moment and deconstruct visible object. I turned something - which normally has the qualities of binding together and flexibility - into a very sensitive breakable almost not existing shape...filled with sexual tension ....filled with physical and mental paradox. Ropes for me bear multiple and in some ways opposite meanings such as: death and rescue, sex, violence and safety and surviving. Photo by Alexander Lavrentyev. Russia

]this how i did it ))))

My Friend Artist, glass and kiln maker Igor Frolov from Russia helped me ALOT with this project
He Did a selv made temporary glass kiln for large class castings-which is very unique !