Maria Koshenkova,White Cube- sketch 2

White & Black Cubes ,sketches , process

Here I was exploring endless theme : relationships between shape and color. ”.... Same same but different...” This is simple and powerful concept which is constantly open for interpretation , as long as there are unlimited color and shape combinations. I was playing with the idea of white and black which gather all the colors inside and such a precise ,structured shape as cube. The “trick “ is that the cube shape has beed deformed and the inner colors can be seen only from some angles of view , creating contradictory relationship between the organic and the geometric substances Foto credit: Lars Kaae

 the process of making both White and Black cubes are rather complicated. First i blow each tube, cut and cold work it, then put it in oven and slump them so they fit each other in shape. I have to put special paper which contains plaster-so glass details do not stick to each other other wise they will crack. Then i separate tubes, number them and assemble them again in the same order with silicone glue.