Maria Koshenkova – Contemporary Glass Sculptures & Installations | Installations

2018 Restrain&Release Japan

Restrain&Release. Maria Koshenkova , Go Arisue. RopeFolding. Japan




FollowMe. MINDCRAFT18. Milan design week

2017-2015 Norwegian Wood

Disecting Annaberg-full2

“Dissecting Anneberg” An installation at Hempel Glasmuseum

Noregian Wood BRAFA.Maria Koshenkova. 2016

Norwegian Wood Suspended 2

Suspended Wood.Room Installation 1.Norwegian Wood.Maria Koshenkova.2015. Contemporary Art Installation

“Norwegian Wood ” Suspended room Installation Bergen S12 Studio Norway

2017-2015 Black Stuff

Black Stuff-hempel2016-s

Black Stuff

2017 Il Picchetto Solitario. PROSCIUTTO-second Skin. Spontaneouse Perfomance


PROSCIUTTO. Un-planned Perfomance-Life Sculpture during 57th Venice Bienalle .2017.

2017 Aasiaat Museum. Greenland.


Aasiaat Museum Installation 2017

2016 Tie-Up

Bondage 1. Tie-Up. Exposition . Maria Koshenkova.2016

Tie Up Exposition Inner . Voice Gallery. St.Petersburg.Russia



BODILY SKILLS  Gartenversion

2015 New Swarovski


2015 BELVEDERE OF ZVIZZHI for Land Art Festival Archstoyanie. Russia

BELVEDERE OF ZVIZZHI for Land Art Festival Archstoyanie. Russia

2014 . Wax Light Boxes, Karsnodar. Rissia

Extended Jungle, Wall piece for exhibition in Dome of Vision , Copenhagen

Wax Surface. Different types of bee wax mixed with dead bees and pured on sheets of plastic as abstract shapes. Hammerd on the wall

2013 UNDER THE ASPHALT. ARTBAT FEST. Street Art . Kazahstan

Under the Asphalt-site specific .Almaty. Maria Koshenkova. 2013

Under the Asphalt


“Black Ice “

Black Ice

2013 Hearts White & Black. Maria Koshenova

White Heart. Detail2. Maria Koshenkova

White Hearts. Dining 2

Dining. Hearts B&W

2012-2013, Resonant Chaos. Part of the exhibition "Resonant matters" in Ludvig Museum.Russia

Resonant Chaos.Maria Koshenkova. 2013. Glass and Sound Installation.1. Ludvig Museum.

Resonant Chaos. Interractive Glass-Sound Installation in Ludvig Museum.Saint-Petersburg. Russia

Koshenkova Maria. Resonant Chaos. Detail

wall-sound light and glass installation

2012 Accident Connections

Maria Koshenkova. Accident Connections 1

Accident Connections

2011 Reflection of Choice

Reflection of Choice-bended mirror. Installation in Ludvig Museum. Saint-Petersburg. Russia

Reflection of Choice 1

2011 Global Freezing

Ice Age Interior. Room View 1 Maria Koshenkova. Global Freezing. 2011. Contemporary Glass Sculpture

Global Freezing, Ice Age interior

2010 Circulation System

Circulation system

2008 Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette2009. Maria Koshenkova. Russian headscarfs Room Installation.

Russian Roulette

2008 Montage/ Demontage

Montage/Demontage chocolate factory Red October. Moscow