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Disecting Annaberg-full2

“Dissecting Anneberg” site specific Installation at Hempel Glasmuseum

This installation is my artistic response to the specific interior of Hempel Glasmuseum and the landscape surrounding it. In particular the gigantic window, which serves as the background for my work as well as the main light source of the room, was a source of inspiration to me.

This work is part of the Summer exhibition at Hempel Glass Museum

GLAZE – chemistry, mass and myth – the possibilities of materials
April-October 2016


BODILY SKILLS   Gartenversion. Berlin

Artists: Claudia Scarsella, Maria Koshenkova, Uli Aigner

Curated by: Pauline Doutreluingne

Location: Secret Garden at Bergstrasse 26, Berlin Mitte 

Duration: 1st of June till August 31st 2016

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My work spans between Worlds, Russia and Scandinavia, glass, metal, and wood, single sculptures and whole exhibitions. Use the form nearby to stay up to date with the next events and/or exhibitions I'll be part of.